Our Partners

We successfully represent top brands on both the German, and international, markets.

As specialists in high-quality, innovative kitchen items, Culinarta provides exclusive representation to international brands on the German market and we work with some of the world’s leading suppliers in their field.

Culinarta – our 3 cornerstones

Culinarta represents two top-performing companies who enjoy international success in the kitchenware sector. What’s more, we also run the sales and marketing of our own-brand, Coolinato.

Cookware and kitchenware products
The all-rounder for cookware and kitchen products

Our connections with this key supplier, one of the leading international suppliers of kitchenware, have been forged over years of trading relations. This American company, is one of the largest manufacturers of cookware and kitchen utensils in the world. They have an extensive brand portfolio and product range, and develop and supply an array of kitchen products with high standards in quality and design. The company was founded in 1981 and it has since developed into an all-rounder for kitchen products. Anolon, Circulon and Prestige are all part of the European brand assortment and each have a different target audience and price range. What’s more, they are strong in the private label sector and licensing business. The company can also tailor-make a complete product portfolio for any interested clients. Their clientele includes well-known TV chefs.

Silicone products
The specialist in household products made from silicone

Our direct connection to one of the leading international manufacturers of silicone products in Asia has been formed over years of trading relations. The company focus on the household sector. Silicone has proven to be a high-quality, temperature-resistant material which is safe for food and has become the latest trend product to use in the kitchen. Items can be made in all different shapes and colours, bringing an element of fun to the kitchen. We have managed to develop an extensive client base thanks to our close, yet discrete, collaboration. We collaborate with both well-known brands which we supply as an OEM customer, as well as many key players from the field of direct sales. The company offers a wide range of products and possesses great expertise in the area of silicone. As the company manufactures the raw material in-house, they have tremendous control over the quality of the silicone, as well as how it is processed. This confidential contact was established in face-to-face discussions with Culinarta.

Coolinato: set-up, sales and marketing
Coolinato is characterised by innovative, functional kitchen gadgets

In 2017, our own-brand Coolinato was set up and its products were placed on the market. In a fast-moving competitive field, having our own-brand makes it possible to quickly realise our ideas first hand and then supply them to our customers on a B2C basis. Rather than concentrating on product ranges, the brand’s primary focus is on innovative, new, stand-alone items which are in demand. Our original own-brand Coolinato has been created, developed and successfully launched on the market in collaboration with a well-known silicone manufacturer.